Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Electrical Fire

Electrical Fire in Camilla, Georgia

This was the aftermath of a fire in Camilla, Georgia when we arrived to the scene. The electrical fire began in the utility room. After the fire was put out by the local fire department, water was left behind causing water damage along with the fire and smoke damage. It took around six days to complete this job. We had to extract the water and dry the rest of the room. In a time of the customers' devastation, we were able to come in and make it "like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in Moultrie, GA

Outdoor Fireplace Damage

This was the aftermath of an outdoor fireplace malfunctioning, causing a fire to start in the exterior wall. If the fire break is not properly installed, it can cause heat to transfer to the structure of the home, causing ignition. Fortunately there was no fire damage to the interior of the home, but there was smoke damage and a pungent smoke odor we were able to remove with our ozone machine and thorough cleaning. 

Fire in Whigam, GA

This photo shows a bathroom from a home fire in Whigham, GA. Everything had to be completely torn out. The customer was very please with how quickly we performed services so that the contractor could begin the rebuild. 

Fire in Attapulgus, GA

This photo shows the cause of loss for a home fire in Attapulgus, GA. It is an extension cord that was running several appliances in a Kitchen. We of course never recommend this, as it can result in a fire like it did in this case.

Fire Damage in Pelham, GA

This photo is from a house fire in Pelham, GA. Lightening struck the roof which started a fire in the attic. As you can see from the picture of the ceiling all of the drywall and insulation had to be removed.

Fire in Whigam, GA

This photo was taken at a home fire in Whigam, GA. This photo shows the kitchen post mitigation and demolition. As you can see the entire kitchen had to be gutted.