Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Building Ceiling Damage

Water Damage in Moultrie, GA

This office had a roof leak and caused damage to main operating office space and three private offices. Our production technicians removed carpet tiles in order to dry the carpet sub-floor and we were able to dry the carpet tiles and re-use them. This job was complete in two days. 

Post Water Cleanup

Water Job in Cairo, GA

Pictured is after a storm left water damage in this hair salon. The roof was ripped off after wind damage and rain flooded the building. We were able to remove the water damaged building materials and dry the interior building. The process took about three days. 

Commercial Water Damage Cairo, GA

This photo was taken from a commercial water loss in Cairo, GA. The photo shows where the insulation has fallen from the ceiling due to a roof leak. We had to remove any affected drywall and the remaining insulation. The customer was very happy with how quickly they were able to return to normal operations. 

Commercial Water Job in Cairo, GA

This photo was taken at a commercial water loss in Cairo, GA. After a tornado ripped through downtown several businesses in the area were affected. We were able to quickly come in and help them open back up for business.

Commercial Water Job in Moultrie, GA

This picture is from a commercial water job in Moultrie, GA. A pipe busted in a Barber Shop causing water damage to three businesses in the complex. We quickly responded to the call so that all of the businesses could open back up as soon as possible. 

Commercial Water Loss

This photo was taken at a hotel in Thomasville, GA that had extensive water damage. The photo was taken after the demolition had taken place and our drying equipment had been placed.