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CE Class for Insurance Agents

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

In January we are offering two free continuing education seminars for anyone needing insurance credits. The classes will be held on January 15th at the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce ( 401 S. Broad St., Thomasville, GA 31799). Registration starts at 8:30 AM and the first class will be from 9 AM-12 PM and is an Ethics seminar (Course #43061). The second course is Mitigation Awareness & Response (MARS Course # 41734) and it will be held from 1 PM- 3 PM. We have an instructor from corporate office coming down to teach both courses. Lite breakfast and a lunch will be provided for all attendees.  We already have quite a few signed up. The class size is limited, so please contact Mary Catherine ASAP at 229-236-1902 or to sign up. 

Kat's 1 Year Anniversary!

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Kat is ready to take on another year at SERVPRO!

Whew! A year working as an SMR has flown by a lot faster than expected. I still am in disbelief thinking of how I have already exceeded my year mark with SERVPRO, but when I reflect on all that I’ve learned over such a short amount of time it puts things into perspective. Covering six counties is no easy task, but I have developed relationships with many of the clientele I have come into contact with, especially those that I see on a regular basis. I feel that I have accomplished a lot and brought a lot of new business to our team. It seems as though we are growing and developing a better name for ourselves and getting more involved in the territories we cover. All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty great year for both myself and for SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt and Grady Counties!  

Life as a new SERVPRO SMR

10/17/2016 (Permalink)

Katherine Comerford

I have surprisingly completed my first month of working as a new SERVPRO Marketing Representative. I cannot believe it has gone by so fast, as at the end of a typical day I am flabbergasted at how the time has gone by while I'm at work, though I do not feel as though I am actually "working", due having a day spent being in and out of offices chit-chatting with clients and catching up with what's new in their lives as well as with business. The past few weeks working as the SMR for SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt, and Grady Counties has far exceeded my expectations for the threshold of this career start. I have been able to learn a significant amount about my own community and the surrounding areas we cover, meeting an abundance of people and learning the ropes of SERVPRO along the way. Everyday brings about a new lesson to be learned, as well as a new connection built among those I have come into contact with. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know people in the area and more about SERVPRO as I start this journey. 

Our First Post: My 2 year anniversary

1/6/2015 (Permalink)

Part of our SERVPRO Team: Pete, Lindsay, Myself & Abby

Posted by Jackie Spadoni, Marketing Representative

The first post of our website blog is about my two year anniversary at SERVPRO of Thomas, Colquitt and Grady Counties. It's been a year of excitement, growth and adventure. Nothing I could or would ever imagine. It's crazy to think that I've been with this company for two years now. The amount of knowledge and experience I have acquired over this time is almost unexplainable. 

I applied for the position back in November of 2012. It was a mutual friend of the owners, Pete and Lindsay, whom told me about the job. I saw the position on the Facebook page and immediately submitted my resume. The next day, I got a call from our office manager, Abby, to come in for an interview. I was currently working at a boutique in downtown Thomasville but I was always on the look out for a marketing position in the community. 

When I heard that I would be getting an interview with SERVPRO, I had no idea what to expect- let alone what this company was even about. Going into the interview, I was nervous but eager to learn about what I was hopefully going to be doing/ making my new career. I met with Lindsay and Abby. I was asked the basic interview questions but still very intimidated as I was for almost every other interview I've been to. The staff was incredibly friendly and very welcoming during my first visit. The next day I received a call back to come in for a second interview. I was ecstatic. I met Pete, one of the owners and Burt, the production manager. I also was given a tour of the facility that might one day be part of my daily life. I was nervous meeting the group but it also excited me that maybe it was a step closer to getting the position. 

That day- after the interview, I was offered the job as marketing representative! I trained under Christy, whom was the current marketing rep- but was moving on to pursue another career path. I would be taking her position over within the month. I remember riding around and building relationships with new contacts. Going in and introducing myself was the most exciting but intimidating part of the process.

Today- I have an amazing wealth of knowledge about our SERVPRO franchise. I've been to several training seminars, researched and lived through our production teams experiences. I (myself) have work in disaster related circumstances. Many people think that SERVPRO is just a disaster cleanup company. But what I've learned over the past two years is that we are so much more. 

These past two years if learned to appreciate my fellow work partners as family.  Not only does this mean the people I work with but the clients I have made and built along the way. To help people in a time of despair and confusion- is the best feeling in the world. We are, generally speaking, aside from fire rescue crews, the "first responders." At first- knowing that we were the ones to deal with structural loss was extremely nerve-wracking. After becoming used to being the "emotional blanket' for people to be comforted by, I really started to appreciate what I do. We help people in a time of complete panic and confusion. That is something to really appreciate and have become very proud of.

I've learned that we (our team) have all become incredibly close and appreciative of everyone's position in this company. We work as a team and make sure that everyone knows that every day. Our franchise feeds off of each other- we ALL work together to get the job done- no matter how big or small. I never thought I would ever work with such an amazing group of people. This is the main reason why I continue my career with SERVPRO. We are family- I wouldn't change anything about it. I value the hard times and the good times. Both have made us incredibly stronger. It's been a pleasure to be with our SERVPRO team. The past two years have been an amazing journey. I wouldn't change a thing. I hope for many years to come.